Sunday, 25 May 2014

More from IA News

Yesterday's posting featured the article in the current Industrial Archaeology News about our own Enderby Wharf  - but that was not the only Greenwich (well nearby Greenwich) items featured in that issue.

  **** a long article on "Roller flour milling, white bread and the Millennium Mills, London.  Millennium Mills will be familiar to anyone who looks across to the other side of the river - easily visible from upstairs in my Humber Road house.  This is an important article about an important site.

****  a short note about a grant to the (just up in Rotherhithe) Brunel Museum - to allow them to open up access to Marc Brunel's entrance shaft.

****  a page on Lewisham's Excalibur prefab and much in the news estate.  (we have a speaker on that early next year)

**** an item on Deptford Dockyard (in Greenwich until the 1970s) and the grant of planning approval by Mayor B.Johnson instead of the decision being made, democratically, by London Borough of Lewisham. 

(Industrial Archaeology News


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