Thursday, 2 May 2013


The Naval Dockyards Society is looking for papers on British Dockyards in the First World War.
This is for a conference on 29th March 2014 to be held at the National Maritime Museum.

They say:

"To commemorate its 100th anniversary, papers are invited on all dockyards and naval bases, Scapa Flow, dreadnoughts, Zeppelin raids, the role of women & dilutees, etc. NOS invites you to offer an original paper

If it is accepted by the committee we shall pay reasonable travel expenses and your conference fee, give you lunch, publish it in our annual Transactions and give you five free copies. The delivered presentation will be around 40 minutes. The paper when published will be 6-10K words. Your paper will be required six months later for editing.

Please send your title and 300 word synopsis by 20 October 2013 to:
Peter Goodwin, Secretary, Naval Dockyards Society, 26 Duncan Road, Southsea, P05 2QU, 023 9229 5949

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