Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More stuff in the post - GLIAS - WADAS


I was going to review items about Greenwich in the GLIAS newsletter - but the following link gives the entire text - plus some Greenwich pictures not in the original.

This covers a list of sites of industrial interest published by the London Fieldwork and Publication Round up.  Greenwich sites mentioned include:
Crossrail Station, Woolwich
Royal Military Repository re. Napier Lines
Stockwell Street, malthouse
Air Raid Shelter, Waverley Road
Woolwich Station
Convoys Wharf

An article on the United Glass Works, Charlton - given in full through the link above.

A report - with pictures - the Lovells Wharf Thames path opening


(sadly, no information on their web site address)

The newsletter contains a report of a talk by GIHS Chair Sue Bullevant, and Vice Chair, Andrew Bullevant, on Severndroog Castle.

The envelope also contains the papers for their AGM - and perhaps of most interest to GIHS is their Conservation Report by Sue Bullevant

Woolwich and Plumstead Cottage Hospital - restored and converted to flats
Equestrian Centre, Shooters Hill - going ahead despite objections
Alexander McLeod RACS building - reopened as a Travel Lodge
Art Deco Co-op - is to be converted to flats, but has been refused listing
Verbruggens House, the illegal signage is now with the Planning Inspectorate
Adair House - is surrounded by huts which are used by the 'free' school

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