Sunday, 10 February 2013

Convoys news

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...attending the Convoys Wharf public exhibition
Convoys Wharf developer Hutchison Whampoa has announced dates for a public exhibition of its revised masterplan. This will be our first chance to assess the new plans and see if Terry Farrell's pledge to listen to local voices has been heeded at all.

The exhibition dates are:
Thursday 28 February and Saturday 2 March.

Read our post for more information about the times and places. For a review of our campaign so far you can read the short history on the blog.

...working with local schools
The Sayes Court Garden project held a workshop last November with children from two local primary schools in Sayes Court Park, part of John Evelyn's original gardens and we hope to bring you news shortly of another very exciting event which is planned for the park later in the year.
...planning ahead  Once we have seen the revised masterplan proposals we will make our comments available on the Deptford Is... blog and will be inviting feedback from other parties and readers of the blog.

We know that our pages are read by many of the parties involved in the redevelopment plans - planning officers, local councillors and local MPs, and also staff from the developer Hutchison Whampoa and its architectural and engineering advisors - so we encourage you to comment on our blog as well as giving feedback at the open days.

...spreading the word
Please help to spread the word by forwarding this email to anyone you think might be interested in our campaign - neighbours, friends, family or colleagues.


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