Friday, 7 December 2012

Bomb Sight Project

Readers of this Blog may be interested in the Bomb Sight project that has recently been publicised by the BBC's Web site. Access to the data is via a standard Web page, but is also available by means of an Android App. It's very annoying (to me) and quite unusual, that something like this has been developed for the Android platform, hopefully 'first' as opposed to 'at all', rather than for the iOS iPhone/iPad platform! is currently overloaded!

Any comments on the plotted Greenwich 'hits'?


M said...

Eeyore - thanks for putting this out. The bomb web site has quite rightly been given a lot of publicity. I have not heard any of the commentators point out that this covers bombs dropped over quite a short period - and that much worse was to come. In particular it does not cover the rocket V1 & V2 attacks of the later stages of the War - and which include some particularly dreadful incidents. We should remember the attack on the New Cross Co-op which, I think, had the highest number of deaths of any bomb attack on London. Nearer home there was, for instance, a V1 at the top of Blackwall Lane - and many more.

Alan Burkitt-Gray said...

There are vastly more Android users now than iOS users, and Android is growing faster than Apple's iOS. If you have money to develop just one app (and see the developers' notes on their site about shortage of funding) than it makes sense to go for Android.
If they had extra funding, it would make sense to spend it on extending the timeframe to 1945.

Eeyore said...

There may be more Android devices, but recent stats show Web use by iOS devices, led by the iPad, account for far more traffic than Android. What would you wnat from your data? I would want people actually bothering to use their device to look at the data!