Friday, 30 November 2012

Disabled History


Greenwich Workshops for the Blind, Eastney Street, 1972
Making a Fendoff

Eastside Community Heritage have sent us info about their Disabled History Events in December

Reminisence Session at Dagenham Valence House, 

Launch of Adphabs 'Making Music' Docklands Campus, UEL
and an exhibition 'Working with Disability

We couldn't help remembering the Greenwich Workshops for the Blind  - and are asking them to liaise with us on that.

Greenwich Workshops for the Blind
Burney Street 1972
Making baskets

Eastside are also running projects on  Ugandan Asians in London;  St.Clement's Hospital, Bow;  Making Music; Stratford Explorers

or   020 8553 3243

When Greenwich and Woolwich at Work was published the Publisher's editor would not believe that these pictures were taken in the 1970s  - and refused to put that date in the book. 
If the photographer reads this blog perhaps they would verify that date.

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