Saturday, 9 July 2011

GLIAS Newsletter - comments on Greenwich industry

The June GLIAS newsletter gives a number of brief mentions of Greenwich and Woolwich

- the plans for the Blackwall Point Power Station jetty - and the hopes it might accommodate Massey Shaw, Swiftstone and Portwey - and - dare we hope - Robin???
It also recalls fhe GLIAS visit to the Power Station when it was still in use in 1980 - including access to a 'fire brick lined part of a Babcock and Wilcox boiler'

- it notes progress on demolition of the Ferrier Estate, system built in 1968-72.

-notes that demolition of sheds at Convoys have allowed 19th century slipways of Deptford Royal Dockyard to be seen from the river

- refers to Woolwich Ferry and 'the horrendous smell of the river' caused by movement of the old paddle steamers.


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This industry is dong well in this area for years. Good to know this improvement.

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