Thursday, 5 May 2011


Tbe April issue of the Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society newsletter has a lot in it about Greenwich - so much that I can only summarise.

The main item is a long article by Bob Rust - which needs to be read to be appreciated. It runs to three pages and gives the sort of detail which can only come from personal knowleddge. He knows the local names of operations, smells, and what the local kids got up.

Bob Rust - if you are out there and reading this - please get in touch - we would like to talk to you!

GLIAS also notes the local plans for the old coaling jetty on the Greenwich Peninsula and the plans for it as a 'public heritage facility'.

A smaller item laments the imminent demise of John Humpheries House and notes it as the home of the fourth Leo III and refers us to

GIHS would also like to hear from Chris Lewis who gave the GLIAS lecture on 20th April. He spoke about William Henry Barlow, who was born locally - there is a plaque to him on the presbytery of Our Lady of Grace in Charlton Road. we understand this was an amazing lecture - and - please Chris, we would like to know more.

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