Thursday, 5 May 2011

Albert Mead - Enquiry

came across your website whilst searching for information about J Stone & Co, the former engineering company at Deptford. My maternal grandfather, Albert Alfred Mead, used to work with them between the wars, possibly as company secretary. He seems to have been a self-made man, and since we know rather little about his professional life I thought it would be interesting to see if we can find any records that might throw light on his involvement with the company. Albert Mead also appears to have had his own company, Mead Mclean, under which several patents have been recorded. Any information about Mead Mclean would be of great interest as well. I wondered if your Society has any medium via which I could post this enquiry?

The Mead family lived at Lee and Blackheath (South Vale House, until around 1939). My father's family, the Eden-Greens, also lived locally and my grandfather Samuel worked at Johnson & Phillips between the wars. We moved away from Blackheath around 1965.


shipwright's palace said...

have you tried googling accesstoarchives? in particular you may turn something up at the London Metropolitan Archive in Farringdon.

johnking899 said...

Do not recall the name Mead. But you may not know that a member of Lewisham Local History, Peter Gurnett, gave the society a talk about Stones some years ago. It was subseqently published in the society's transactions.

John King 020-8857 1819

johnking899 said...

Do not recall the name Mead. Do you know that Peter Gurnett gave a talk about Stones to the Lewisham Local History Society a few years ago - he worked for the company. It was subsequently published in the society's transactions

John King

Barry, Norwich said...

The products of Mead Mclean were seen throughout the United Kingdom. They produced the iconic high-quality enamel railway station signs that realise thousands of pounds at auctions today.