Thursday, 27 January 2011

Naval Dockyards Newsletter

In the post - the newsletter of the Naval Dockyards Society which covers dockyard history world wide - and this issue covers Naval Heritage in the United Arab Emirates and Hellevoitsluis as well as more local sites, like Plymouth.

This issue includes a page of planning issues at Deptford Dockyard and quotes submissions to Lewisham Planning Committee last November. The Naval Dockyards Society want - to ensure that existing ground structures like the Olympia warehouse and entrance gates are retained - below ground structrures are recorded and preserved- that those dockyard features that remain serve as a constant reminder of the maritime roots of the site and the locality - restoring to use the Olympia water basin with Thames access and the great Tudor double dock.

(Although we are so close to Deptford we hear very little about progress on this incredibly important site - something also complained about by Lewisham Local History Society - what is going on, London Borough of Lewisham?? Please let us know?? GIHS has a speaker on the archaeology - Duncan Hawkins on 10th May - but we need to know what is happening NOW as well)

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Among the book reviews is a note about Janet Macdonald's 'British Navy's Victualling Board' (Baydell and Brewer 2010). Members may remember Janet's wonderful - and mouth watering - account of what Nelson's sailors actually ate and the truth about the weevils. Please read her book.

The Society always comes to Greenwich for their AGM and this year it is accompanied by a conference on 'Dockyards in art, literature and film'. details of this and other events


Deptford Dame said...

I wonder if the Naval Dockyards Society would consider holding its AGM in DEPTFORD rather than Greenwich to acknowledge the importance of the site!!

Currently the planning application for Convoys Wharf is in the consultation process. It is expected to come before the planning committee in May.

Anonymous said...

How does one come to the talk by Mr Hawkins?
Is it a correct understanding that he is the archaeologist employed by the developer to survey the site? It does sound rather strange that an archeaologist can be objective about such a site if he is in the pay of a developer. I hear the current claim by Hawkins is that nothing of great value is being found, whereas previous digs concluded that most of the docks slips and basins were likely to be in good conditon, just below the thin top layer of concrete.
Apparently, according to people who saw and photographed it, the entrance to the Great Dock was in good condition, but claimed by Hawkins to have been severely damaged. Is this true? Will the dig have access days, as at Spitalfields, for people. It is so important a site, not just for Deptford, but London and the country. The Shipmasters House was open for Open House weekend and it was amazing- they had so much information and the building was fascinating.
I am very concerned about the archaeology, though.

M said...

- anonymous - just turn up on the night. Its in the Age Exchange Bakerhouse at the back of the their shop in Blackheath Village (get to it through Bennett Park) 7.30 10th May. We'll charge you £1 unless you join

Anonymous said...

Hi - Do you have a contact for author Janet McDonald? I am a professional foodwriter and would like to contact her re: Feeding Nelson's Navy.

Thank you.
Tracey M. Barker

M said...

Tracey - yes I have a contact address. please send your email to
ps she is very very interesting