Monday, 11 January 2010

Lewisham Local History - publications and meetings

In the post today details of Lewisham Local History Society meetings and etc.

I would very much recommend anyone and everyone to go to their meeting on
23rd April to hear Janet MacDonald talking about Naval Victualling in Deptford. Janet illuminates the whole subject - like - the egalitarian distribution system - the number of calories you need if you are up and down freezing rigging all day - and it really isn't about weevils! In fact you might end up quite hungry!

More details of their programme further down.

The pack also contains their journal - which I ought to recommend - but would say that only get it if you want to be really really upset by the lead article which is about the bombing of Sandhurst Road School in Catford in January 1943. (38 dead children, 6 dead teachers) . It is however a serious article raising issues about strategies both here and in Germany. Harrowing though. Total casualties for the whole raid - 116 killed, 158 seriously injured.

Their newsletter contains - details of the plaque erected on the 65th anniversary of the worst V2 rocket attack of the war (168 dead) in New Cross - details of campaign on the Park Cinema - article about sculptor Stephen Gabriel Dadd - article on Forest Hill photographers.

The journal also contains articles about the Couldery family and about SELTEC.

other meetings:
29th Jan - Madeleine Adams on 21st century almshouses
26th Feb - Neil Rhind on Wyberton House
21st May - Sarah Crofts on Thankfull Sturdee and Deptford Jack
25th June - Malcolm Bacchus - Telegraph Hill
16th July - Tim Crocker and Charles MacKeith - Span houses of South London
24th Sept- Ray Thatcher on Lal Mohun Ghose and Indian Nationalism
29th Oct - David Michael on Policing in Lewisham
26th Nov - Norman Jacobs on New Cross Speedway
17th Dec - Lewisham Pubs

Meetings are all held at the Methodist Church Hall, Albion Way at 7.45
Newsletter editor Gordon Dennington

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