Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Deptford Dockyard (Convoys site)

We have a request for contacts of anyone interested in this extremely important site. Please let us know who you are???????


Anonymous said...

This is all very mysterious! What's it about? How do we let you know?

shipwright's palace said...

Chris Mazeika and William Richards owners of the Master Shipwright's House have amassed a considerable archive of some original and some copies of maps, plans, letters relating to the history of the yard including a video of the 1774 scale model held in store for the NMM. Based on recent archaeology surveys, 2000, 2001 and further archive based research we have also recently submitted a request for statutory protection of the main features of the yard. Perhaps members of the GIHS would be interested in a visit to the house to see the documents and consider supporting the application to list as well as discuss possibilities for the quintenary 1513-2013. We can be reached on msh1708@yahoo.com. Many thanks, Chris and William.

M said...

To contact GIHS email indhistgreenwich@aol..com
As you will see we have put a piece above sent by the Naval Dockyards Assoc.