Thursday, 19 November 2009

Various notes from various sources - Naval Dockyards Society

The latest edition of the Transactions of the Naval Dockyards Society has arrived. It includes an article by Philip Macdougall on three fires in Naval Dockyards in 1840 -'Blame it on the Chartists'. One of these fires was at Woolwich.

This was the third fire - the first two were at Sheerness and Plymouth - and it took place on 6th October. Sadly there is much less recorded about the Woolwich fire than the others - but they were seen as the possible result of some sort of suberversion. A contemporary comment on the Woolwich fire is quoted - 'two foreigners were seen by Royal Arsenal artificers to be wandering at their leisure in the open face of daylight, about that vast emporium of war'.

- but what people walking about in the Arsenal were to do with fires in the Dockyard is far from clear to me!

This is a fascinating article and there are many more in this edition giving all sorts of information and insights into Naval Dockyards.

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