Thursday, 15 October 2009

Current archaeology - Sub Brit

On the last page of the current Current Archaeology is a note about Subterranea Brittanica. This is headed 'Odd Socs' - which suits Sub Brit - I remember a meeting when the Chair announced himself as 'an odd sort of chap - aren't we all' - to general approval.

It also notes that Sub Brit contains many women - and was founded by Sylvia Beamon - who I once heard describe how she persuaded the NHS to let her take her chronic bronchitis to a hospital in a Polish salt mine where the main treatment was a lot of energetic communal singing.

Several Greenwich blogs have referred to underground features locally - and we would love some of their protagonists to come and talk to GIHS. Paul Sowan - for many years Sub Brit Chair - has been to talk about Gilbert's Pit. Their web site is

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