Saturday, 8 August 2009

Newsletters and things

A number of newsletters in the post - some with stuff about Greenwich, some not.
Sadly, nothing from the Kent Underground lot.

Thank you to Woolwich Antiquarians for some nice write ups of our meetings - a good thing about Lorna Coventry and System Building on the Morris Walk Estate and also about the ship breaking yard, Castles, in Charlton.

Their future meetings are:

October 10th - Celebration of Woolwich Town Hall - this is the Vincent Memorial Lecture and be by Jim Marrett
November 14th - London Statues of the Famous and Forgotten - by our own Sue Bullevant
December 12th - Sir Christopher Wren - Ian Bevan
January 9th - Aviation in North Kent - by Jim Preston
February 6th A History of the National Trust by Peter Jones
March 6th AGM with the Women's Land Army by C arol Harris

all at Charlton House at 2.15

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