Tuesday, 19 May 2009


nothing in the post - but the Southwark and Lambeth newsletter always turns up.

This is to highlight Richard Buchanan's walk round Greenwich on 9th June. meet at Maze Hill Station 6.45.
The newsletter also has an article about Rotherhithe Industry by Stephen Humphrey. (Rotherhithe's not too far from Greenwich - is it?) and all very good it is too.

- and also that Lambeth Council has given a Civic Award to local historian Brian Bloice!
(I couldn't even get Greenwich Time to print an obituary to Jack Vaughan)

LAMAS Newsletter - they list 100s of local history meetings in London - but all I could find of local industrial interest is:-

Kingston on Thames Archaelogy Society. 14th May (so its too late) Alan Crocker on the Gunpowder Industry in Surrey (I know Alan Crocker and he includes Lewisham and Rotherhithe in Surrey and talk about them at length)

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