Friday, 22 May 2009

Bits and pieces

Not really industry but interesting - we have a note from the Firepower Museum in Woolwich - they are looking for witnesses to the Spitfire which crashed near the Royal Arsenal on 31st July 1940. They want to know exactly where it happened and speak to anyone who maybe saw it. Mark Smith 0208 312 7120

The Greenwich Society are to hold their summer lunch party at the Shipwright's Palace in Watergate Street - a chance to see this 18th century house which was inside Deptford Dockyard and built for the staff. £20 a ticket details 020 8692 4801.

Firepower has launched a family history guide 'Is there a gunner in your family tree??' 020 8312 7134

We have been asked to help identify a historic steam engine restored by a chat show host on American TV (how did he restore it when he didn't know what it was). They say it is 1832. there is said to be a video of it on

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