Saturday, 17 January 2009

News from Lewisham Local History.

Lewisham Local History News letter in the post. More sad news about one of our members, Tom Sheppard. Tom lived in Blackheath Village - in the last possible house in Greenwich before the Lewisham border - and was very active in Lewisham History Circles. GIHS members will remember him struggling over the road to the Bakehouse (with its terrible uneven road surface) with very reduced mobility and eyesight. Tom is now 91 and has moved to Lancaster where he can receive the support he needs. Goodbye Tom - and good luck in your new home.

I have also had a copy of the Lewisham History Journal - this issue is all a bit exploratory with articles on Deptford to Sydney - another on Sydenham to Antarctica - as well as Lewisham Air Cadets and an article on Lewisham archives in unexpected places! All good stuff.
I'm sorry that they don't give their web address so I can't refer you on how to get more info. (is it possible they don't have one!!!!)

Future Lewisham meetings
30th Jan - talk on Roy Porter, a great historian
27th Feb - Herbert Morrison and South Lewisham Labour Party
27th March - Joseph Hardcastle and Hatcham House
24th Pursuit of special interests - Designation in London
Meeting at the Methodist Church Hall, Albion Way, Lewisham High Street 7.45


tinker said...

How do you become member ? Have not seen this on several past and present sites you have up on internet

mary said...

Email and we will deal with it - or come to a meeting and talk to Steve