Saturday, 17 January 2009

Greenwich Historical Society

Notes in the post from Greenwich Historical Society - the more traditional of Greenwich's local history groups:

28th January - The Abbey of Ghent and Greenwich by Julian Watson - (this will be totally riveting and I am desperately sorry I won't be able to go).
25th February - The Greenwich Time Lady (this is about the lady who used to sell Greenwich time in London - I mean the time from her watch not the newspaper!!)
25th March - Kadwell the Collector. This is also their AGM
22nd April - Henry VII I in Greenwich by Julian Bowsher - this is held on the anniversary of his accession to throne 500 years ago.

All meetings held at 7.30 The Theatre, Blackheath High School, Mycenae Road, SE3 (the newsletter contains much agonising about which room in the school is best!)

I note also that they are getting a website - not sure if its live yet - wait and see - perhaps Lewisham Local History Society will get one too, one day.

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Anonymous said...

No, the GHS website is not live yet but will be very soon.I thought that Lewisham Local History Society already had a website - in fact I think that I have used it.

Sorry to hear about Reg Barter - I knew him well.