Saturday, 6 December 2008

Woolwich Antiquarians

Regular as could be - the Woolwich Antiquarian Newsletter (wish we could compete in getting it out on time!). They recently had a talk on West Norwood Cemetery - and I remember taking visitors down to the catacombs there, before drug dealers made closure a necessity - very spooky - both the corpses and the dealers! The Antiquarians note the number of Greenwich industrialists buried there - Joshua Field (of Maudslay Son and Field - who were on the Peninsula and the famous Henry Maudslay was Woolwich born), Joseph Maudslay (one of Henry's sons), Attwood Mathais (of Deptford's General Steam Navigation), William Simms (of Troughton and Simms instrument makers of Charlton), Robert Mallett (of Mallet's mortar) and many others. They probably didn't know about, or wouldn't have registerd Alexander Angus Croll - gas industry activist and industrial chemist, and there will be lots lots more.

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