Saturday, 20 December 2008

Less about the medieval century tide mill

We have been trying - really trying - to get one of the archaeologists who worked on the tide mill on the Lovells site to come and talk to GIHS about what they had found. We were all really excited about it - but no chance! Apparently archaeologists don't want to talk to historians. HOWEVER we have just spotted that one of them is down to speak about it at the LAMAS conference in March. This is at the Museum of Docklands on 14th March. Tickets are £10 for non-members of LAMAS and details can be got from Jon Cotton, Early Department, Museum of London, 150 London Wall, EC2Y 5HN . And if you send off a cheque and say you want to go they want you to send a stamped addressed envelope in. You need to do it NOW because they are limiting the number of tickets. This mill needs to be put into a historical context - not just a list of what they have dug up!

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