Saturday, 6 December 2008

Gaslight - hopefully not the last!

The newsletter of the North West Gas Historical Society in the post - full of crises because there is no one to take over editorship of their excellent newsletter. It contains the second half of their article, by Tom Blyth, about Bryan Donkin and Company. Because they are looking at the firm from their 20th century base in Chesterfield (and because everyone ignores London industry and pretends British industry was totally in the Midlands and North!) the article is about Chesterfield but they were a BERMONDSEY based company and that Bryan Donkin himself, although a northerner, came to work in Kent - at first in Sevenoaks and then to do groundbreaking work with Halls of Dartford. The article does mention the younger Donkin's work on the exhauster with John Beale but fails to mention that this was developed by Beale on the GREENWICH PENINSULA. So - I will write off to them and say so.

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