Monday, 17 November 2008

Tom's site

Tom Stothard was a wonderful man who devoted himself to a lot of issues in the history of Docklands. I have a note from his grandaughter asking us to put a link through to a website which has been set up to showcase some of his work.

Link corrected - November 2nd 2009


ajmac said...

The web page for Tom Stothard is the 'Orange' advertising page, there was nothing about Tom.
Brenda MacCulloch
New Zealand

M said...

Sorry - I jsut out on what I am given. I will check it out with the original source

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Tom's Grandaughter and have just seen your post. Please try again, it seems that the link has not been typed in correctly. Please type in http:/ (it seems the link has 'organge' in it). This is still a working project as I have so much information to sort out and work out what to put on. Please let me know if you still have problems ( Many thanks. Cheryl