Friday, 10 October 2008

Woodlands Farm, Steve and the Clothworkers

Excitement - the latest newsletter from Woodlands Farm Trust has an article in it by our Treasurer, Steve Daly.
This is a history of the Clothworkers Company - Much of the area of woodland around the farm is called Clothworkers Wood - and as a City Livery Company they are much occupied with actual industry.
I am not going to quote all of Steve's article and people who want to read it - and that everyone - should of course join Woodlands Farm Trust, and get the newsletter themselves. Woodlands Farm is Greenwich's own real Farm (not a City Farm this is the real thing). or email and say you want to join and get the newsletter to see Steve's article.
Future events at the farm include (they are on the Welling side of Shooters Hill)
19th October Apple Day 11-4
23rd November Christmas Fair 10.3o-3.30
11th April Lambing Day 11-4.30
7th June Summer Show 11-4.30

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