Friday, 10 October 2008

Blackheath Scientific Society

Another programme in the post - this is from Blackheath Scientific Society with a write of a very interesting evening they had on Thames Defences. If Blackheath Scientific Society had anything as advanced as a web site, or even an email, I might be persuaded to ask their speaker to do a slot for GIHS as well! Their next meeting is on 21st September and is about 'Collecting Brachypelma - the Red Legged Tarantulas from Mexico'. All their meetings are held at Mycenae House, Se3 at 7.45. In the future they have:
21st November - Prof James Emmerson on - VISTA -Visible & IR Surrey Telescope, Atacama
16th January - Humphrey Dawson on Aviation Terrorism
20th February - the International Glaucoma Association
20th March - Phil Williams on RAYNET Radio Amateur Emergency Network
17th April - Peter Evans on Confessions of a Science Presenter
15th May - Restoration of the Cutty Sark

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ahem said...

Er - sorry Blackheath Scientific Society - here is a link to their web site, and please publicise it.