Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Naval dockyards walk round Deptford

In the post today - Dockyards - the newsletter of the Naval Dockyards Society - in it is an account of the Society's walk round Deptford - or rather, a lot of nice things being said about Chris and Will at the Master Shipwright's House. The walk took place after the Society's Annual Meeting in April and included a visit to St.Nicholas' Church to see the Gibbons carvings. It then describes their visit to the Shipwright's House and the - er - 'superb repast' and 'relaxed conversation' - and the accompanying picture which is captioned 'members discuss whether or not the strangely shaped light and the plastic chairs are original features from 1708.". (well, at least they seem to have had a good time. More seriously elsewhere in the newsletter is a photograph of GIHS member Malcolm Tucker trying in his hand at ropemaking in the coderie royale at La Rochelle.

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