Sunday, 13 July 2008

Woolwich Antiquarians

I've been very remiss in not reporting about the Woolwich Antiquarians and their newsletter (which comes through my door with impressive frequency!!). They have been running as a serial the memories of Tom Mogg, who worked for General Steam Navigation based at Deptford (that's generally known for the Royal Daffodil, but actually much more besides!). This month's episode is about the unit of the Home Guard made up of workers from the yard.
The newsletter is also describing the work being done around the centenary of the Open Air School at Shrewsbury Park - not sure this is industrial, but this sort of Open Air establishment for 'delicate children' was established in heavy industrial areas like Woolwich to get sick kidas out in fresh clean air.
Sorry - it is very remiss of the Antiquarians but they don't seem to have given me a web address to refer you on to ...................................

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