Sunday, 8 June 2008

Railway closures

I was over at the North Woolwich Station Museum yesterday - this little museum is in (and run by) Newham but it is on the riverside and as near to the Borough of Greenwich as you can get - and until 1963 it was actually IN our Borough. Visitors to Woolwich and the Arsenal site can easily hop on the ferry and see the museum as part of a trip - and perhaps learn about the days when Stratford was one of Britain's great centres of railways and locomotive manufacture. Sadly the museum is likely to be closed soon - all of the exhibits are being sent off elsewhere and everything is very depressed. They don't even have a proper web site - but PLEASE pop onto the ferry and see them while they are still there - and give them as much support as you can.
I went over there because the (national) Association for Industrial Archaeology were having a committee meeting there - the first they have ever had in east London and hopefully they could see in the great Royal docks the remains of the greatest industrial centre - which many of them will never have realised was here!

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