Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Out of the Dark

Surprise, surprise - a great exhibition down at Firepower (on the Arsenal site). This is the Royal Artillery Museum and the exhibition is to celebrate 230 years of the collection - although most of the time it was on other sites. It is made up of a whole bunch of miscellaneous objects, some of an amazing eccentricity - lets see - the keys to Pondicherry - an inkwell made from a Royal Horse Artillery hoof - a man trap from Deal Castle. There are of course some weapons - a nasty looking steel quoit used like a frisbee, for instance, and a tylwar 'taken from Fenian insurgents'. There's also a soldiers' home teaset, a cadet's blazer, and a housewife - and much more. Go and see it - http://www.firepower.org.uk/ 02088557755..

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Vesper said...

While I wholeheartedly agree with the praise for the new Out of the Dark exhibition at Firepower, I am moved to write in defence of the Museum itself. Firepower is always worth visiting for its displays and its sense of history. Lest we forget, a great many of the guns and tanks dismissed so readily in this blog post have been used in defence of nation and freedom and at tremendous cost. That spectre rightly hovers over all of the exhibits, and is thankfully fostered by those who run the Museum, rather than quashed, as it can be in other military museums. The Curator and his colleagues should be generously praised not just for Out of the Dark but for their continued efforts year-round.