Monday, 12 May 2008

Royal Arsenal Co-op Society

The latest issue of 'Industrial Heritage' arrived this morning. As its published in North Yorkshire I never find very much hope of anything about London in it! - - but - the second article in is about out very own RACS. Of course they say that it was 'following the Rochdale Pioneers' and 'pioneered by Northern workers' even though they also say the first Co-op recorded in Woolwich was a corn mill in 1760! However it does give a very nice little three page history of this very important early Co-operative Society which not only provided a source of ethical cheap shopping, a manufacturing base and a whole network of social facilities. For a while we did have a hope of setting up a Co-op museum in Woolwich and there was a vast collection of material - does anyone know what has happened to it.


phil hudson said...

Phil Hudson here, editor of Industrial Heritage, nice to see a comment from our journal.We would like to put more 'London' items in future issues but we need someone down there to write them

We awaite the post with baited breath.

Anonymous said...

Can you add a link to the issue of Industrial Heritage, or the organization that publishes it?